Apply for a Barbara Frye scholarship

Who: Graduating high school seniors and college students planning to pursue a career in journalism can apply for scholarship awards up to $2,000. Students who attended a high school in Florida or attend or expect to attend a college or university in Florida are eligible to apply, including graduate students.

What: Awards up to $2,000 will be granted on the basis of merit and dedication to a journalism career, and financial need may be considered. Past winners and applicants may re-apply if they are still eligible.

When: The application window for the 2020-21 academic year will open soon. 

Where: Applications may be emailed to

Why: Because you’re a talented aspiring journalist, and we would like to help future generations of journalists hone their craft.

How: Download the application form and instructions here: barbara-frye-2020-application The application requires an updated resume, a letter of recommendation, answers to two essay questions and three samples of your work.

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