Apply for an internship with the 2018 Press Skits

Student Internship Program

Florida Capitol Press Corps’ Annual Press Skits

The Florida Capitol Press Corps is a diverse group of journalists who cover the seat of state government in Tallahassee. Each year, the Press Corps produces and stars in the Capitol Press Skits, which pokes fun at politicians to raise money for the Barbara L. Frye Scholarship Fund. Press Skits is a comedy variety show consisting of skits, videos and parody songs created and performed by these journalists. The Press Corps is looking to hire student interns to assist our adult amateur actors with this year’s production. This year’s skits director is Terrence Pride.

The positions available are:

  • Assistant Director/Stage Manager ($500 stipend)
  • Musical Director ($500 stipend)
  • Director of Photography ($500 stipend)

All positions will be paid in two installments: half on Nov. 30 and the other half after successful completion of the show and wrap-up duties.

Students chosen to participate in the internship program will assist with producing the Annual Press Skits on Jan. 23, 2018. There will be roughly 20 rehearsals and meetings from September through January, with time demands increasing closer to the show. Student interns are expected to attend all rehearsals unless absences are cleared with the Press Corps liaison and excused in advance. Multiple absences or dissatisfactory performance may result in dismissal from the internship program.


Email a resume that includes work/experience in comedy or musical theater, relevant coursework, applicable skills and three references (name, title, organization/school, phone number and email address). One reference must be a professor or member of the staff at your current school. Click “continue reading” to see full job description.

Applications should be emailed to by Oct 20.

Questions and comments about the internship program and application process can be emailed to the same address or by contacting Press Corps Director Terrence Pride at (305) 542-4841.


The assistant director’s job is to assist the director with all tasks in setting the vision and improving the production value of Press Skits. In addition, the assistant director/stage manager would be the main liaison between the director and the actors on the night of the production. The assistant manager would also coordinate with the professional staff at the venue, including sound, lighting and set crews. It is essential that the production’s director and assistant director/stage manager have an ongoing and mutually supportive collaboration. The director communicates his or her vision of the show, and the assistant director/stage manager uses his or her understanding of the show’s demands to help the director (and cast) be successful.  Prior experience in theater production is required. Experience in comedy or musical productions preferred.


Must accompany and sing pitches. Beyond the expected musical expertise, the music director must have strong communication and organizational skills and be able to work collaboratively with the show’s director, cast and band. It is essential that the production’s director and musical director have an ongoing and mutually supportive collaboration. The director communicates his or her vision of the show, and the music director uses his or her understanding of the show’s musical demands to help the director (and cast) be successful.  The musical director works with the director in scheduling rehearsals, which cast members need to be there, and what the directors expect to accomplish at each rehearsal. Also responsible for assembling 3 piece minimum band for pre-show entertainment.


Record and edit video and sound projects, including selecting program format for final output, capturing/importing media, organizing raw media, editing footage and sound files, creating and inserting static and motion graphics, titling, adding music/voice-over/sfx, media management and archiving project media. All footage is assembled to produce a finished product for Press Skits Production. There may be multiple videos. Also responsible for planning and scheduling video shoots; scout, select and reserve shoot locations and Developing production schedules. Work independently, as well as part of a team to establish project deliverables. Must have own video equipment and editing software.


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